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I think the bottom line is- get it right, no matter what amount of pride is lost. Sure we can discuss advantage/disadvantage but I think that if a misapplication comes to our attention, like in 1 and 2, then we need to take our lumps, get it right, and have a talk with the offending official.

Now for the third situation, I've been involved in a few games where this happens. Since R is responsible for counting A, and LJ and LM are responsible for counting B, at times LJ and LM are late checking the number of players on the line on their side of center. There are times where R has thrown the procedure flag at the snap, when he counts 10 A players on field w/ 4 in the backfield. Obviously, this isn't a good situation because LJ and LM should catch this before R does. It shouldn't be R’s responsibility to flag it. But he discussed it with both LJ and LM, made sure that U had 10 A players as well, and got the call right. I think the same philosophy applies to situation 3. Now if it is LJ and LM discussing it after they count 10 A players and the play is over, and recreating the formation at snap from their memory, then that gets sticky. But I still say get it right if possible. With LJ, LM, and R, all checking off their responsibilities (number of A or B players on the field, players on the line, and identifying eligible backs), this should be caught before the snap/play is over.

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