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Lightbulb Canadian Philosophy

Originally posted by ljudge
I'm interested in how some of you would handle botched calls / rulings. This hasn't happened to me yet in working the R position in a varsity game but I dread the day it does. #1 did happen in a JV game with a cadet and I simply waived the flag using rule 1.1.6. I went this way because the defense clearly gained an advantage and the offense still scored despite team B having that advantage. It was the only thing I thought was equitable.

Any way, three examples:

Case 1) Team B jumps into the neutral zone and one of the wing officials goes up with a rag. Team A scores a TD on the play. The LJ comes up and says "I have team B OFFSIDES."

Case 2) On a free kick team K goes beyond the free-kick line. Team R returns the kick to team K's 5. BJ comes to you and says K was in the neutral zone prior to the kick being made.

Case 3) On a try the wings don't notice there's only 10 men in the game and screw up the fact that there's only 6 men on the line until after the play. The try is good.

Obviously cases #1 and 2 warrant a lecture and an earful for the official not knowing the rules, let alone that offsides is an NCAA/NFL term. In case #3 there's a serious communications issue.

I would waive the rag in cases 1 and 2 and drop one in the 3rd. Agree or disagree? If not, why not?
Using Canadian rules,

1. The proper procedure is to throw a flag. The Referee will decline the B foul for offside, and award the touchdown.

2. The proper procedure is to throw a flag. The Referee will decline the K foul for offside, and award the forward progress.

3. Edit the stich to mean only 11 players on the field. Being short 1 player means that A may be short 1 player on the line. No infraction has occurred. Play on.
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