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Ok, I know you HS, college and yes, even Olympic Umpires get to see this on a daily basis. But us rec leaguers rarely get it. I've seen vets who are like us bright-eyed rookies and still take rec serious. I have a blast. I hustle, I get good position, I'm stern when needed, but the players know I'm having fun.

But the level of play is of coarse ludicrious at best. lol Even the players laugh at themselves, to be sure, it makes for a good time.

Well, today I got to watch a real athlete. I'm telling you, I would pay money to see this guy play. Freakin reincarnaded Jackie Robinson. The other players practically bow down when he walks near them, and the best part is, he's the nicest and most polite guy you could meet. Humble, hustle, having fun. He's a treat to watch.

Was a true breath of fresh air.
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