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Originally posted by Matthew F

I do beleive that this part of the rule has to do with the delivery. Else, how do you allow for the pitcher to disengage the rubber from the windup? Correct me if I'm wrong, but you have to raise your pivot foot from the ground to disengage the rubber?!? And the pitcher is allowed to disengage the rubber from the windup position - correct?

This does not satisfy your declaration; please try to find this rule you talk about again...
Around and around we go ......

I think we all can agree that there's no specific statement that says "this move is xxxxxxx." So, we're left with individual interpretations / opinions.

Evans, Kalix, Hensley all say it's illegal.

Jenkins, cb, Garth all say (or would have said before Evans) it's legal.

(I did the above two statements from memory --apologies if I put someone in the wrong camp; apologies for those I missed)

Choose which opinion you think is correct.