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The moments my wife and son (3yrs) come to see me at the games I feel better! Can't point out why, but I do.
I "feel" I do a better job having them behind the backstop, but a day at the softballfield is still to long for my son, so they don't come often.
We always talk about my games afterwards, it helps me "closing the book". If we don't the game will be in my head for several day's. I still have problems after a missed pitch, I can't let that go. And it works trough several pitches long... When I blew a call as BU, well I know there will be another good call afterwards. That I can let go, a missed pitch not (yet)...
Having my own fans behind the backstop makes it easier to let a mistake go. Though after the game I aways feel very stupid, when I blew a call. I can't forgive myself.

Players (m/f) are mostly very nice to the wife and kid. The other fans never know she's the umpires wife. If they do she will be respected! After all, she doesn't blew a call. Her husband did(in the people's eyes)! She ain't responseble... The moment she's mistreated at the fields, I'll quit!

Ik ben niet gek, doe alleen alsof! Gaat me goed af toch?
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