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Originally posted by Andy
I have been a sports official for close to 20 years. My wife has occassionally come to games with me, but usually does not. She is very much a go-getter, and to her, sitting and watching a game that she does not have any type of involvment in (except me) is a waste of time that she could spend doing something else.

That being said, our last two family summer vacations have been to Park City, UT for the Triple Crown Nationals. My wife and daughters have come to watch me work a few games there, but it's mostly to sit and relax in the cool mountains.
My wife does not come to my games as she isn't that interested in softball.

Even though I started umpiring at the age of 14, my parents only saw me umpire when my brother was playing on one of the teams.

I always told them (parents and wife) that "officiating" is not a spectator sport. Of course, for most of us, it is.

The fact that my wife isn't there does not bother me. Then again, there's a fair amount of "give" when it comes time to do some shopping.
The bat issue in softball is as much about liability, insurance and litigation as it is about competition, inflated egos and softball.
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