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Originally posted by DNTXUM P
NSABlue where you there to call the DIII world series or just watching. I have a good friend from the Dallas area that worked it and I can assure you he will call an illegal pitch when it happens.
I was there to watch as a fan. I have a DD who was there as a player. I'm not complaining about just one pitcher or a particular game. There were two pitchers there that clearly crow hopped and it was ignored by all the umpires despite frequent protests from opposing coaches. I watched all the games and it happened every time these two pitchers worked. Other than the crow hop these girls were fantastic pitchers. It was a great tournament with lots of great competition.I can assure you that your friend ( I know who you're referring to) would not call the IP because none of them would. Would you want to be the only umpire that calls it when no one has called it all year? I don't think so. All I'm saying is that if the officials won't call it then take it out of the book.
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