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Originally posted by DNTXUM P
I've read the eteamz board and I know who you are referring to. I guess that is why I asked tha question. She gets ripped there by "the Picture". I am really curions if he has seen her in person. And then Glen chimed in. I have worked her games twice this year, once on the plate and once on the bases. I cannot vouch for any other games than those, bur she did not leap in those games. I could not tell from the plate, but I watched closely from 3rd. She pushes and drags.
No, I have never seen her in person. However, you always see more on replays, especially slow motion replays.

Cat does push and drag. But it's what happens at the end of the drag that often gets people's attention and I have only seen it in slow motion. Occasionally at the end of the drag there is a spray of dirt back towards the pitcher's plate. Well, there is only one thing of which I can think that can cause that.
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