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Originally posted by ShadowStripes
Chalk me up as a 2-handed fan. I also will use it some college and HS games for double numbers. Sometimes an inattentive table will only see one 4 of a 44 called with one hand and a foul gets charged to the wrong person. Really, it doesn't matter, the only people who notice are supervisors and other officials. Do it the way that causes you the least amount of grief.
I guess I'm simple too because I think the least amount of grief would be caused by doing it the way the mechanics book says.
Often the problem with double numbers is:

1. Not using our voice at the table (louder)
2. Saying "four, four" instead of "forty, four"

Since we are going to the table anyway (moving or stationary, whichever the assigner wants) we should always be heard. Even when they put their head down on "forty" when they hear the "four" they should realize they have to pay attention. Of course that will not always happen.
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