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[QUOTE]Originally posted by GarthB
Greg writes:

I think the rule simply states that after all playing action has ended the defense can make an appeal before the umpire actually makes the out call. This appeal would probabaly be made by the pitcher who has the ball off the mound.

Actually Greg, according to FED, umpires will not call the out unless an appeal has been made, and it can indeed by made by the coach from the dugout, much like a coach requesting "Check that" on a check swing call.

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Can you quote me the Fed rule that says that umpires will not call an out unless an appeal is made? According to
8-2-5 and 8-4-i the out is called after the play is dead. There is no mention of an appeal. I have always been under the impression that appeals do not exist in Fed rules but if they do please quote me the rule.

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