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He's right Pat. The coach, despite years of our trying to train him to keep his mouth shut and stay out of our jobs, is now being encouraged by FED to yell at us from the dugout to do our job.

This part of the rule change still has the umpire calling the out without a "real" appeal. Instead, FED has the coach yelling at us, then we ring em up.

Does anybody in the Indianapolis office even work a game anymore? If they wanted to change to an appeal process, they had a model written and ready to go...OBR. Intead, in their insistence to place the FED brand on the rule, they made the change worse instead of better.

If FED really is only concerned with safety and increased opportunity for kids to play, all they have to do is take OBR and add the safety and substitution rules. Nonsense like this and the ridiculous practice of penalizing the batter for a balk speaks volumes about FED's true intent.

I used to like FED rules. I liked the old missed bag rule. See it, call it. I like the way FED organizes their rulebook and casebook. But the way they have b*st*rdized this change has put me in the Fronheiser camp.

I'm just FED up.


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