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Originally posted by mick

PU explains double play, (I didn't hear the conversation). Pitcher walks onto field for the new 1/2 inning shaking his head.

I ask. He says all he did was put his hands up.
I ask why? He said, "... probably so he could 'kinda' distract him."
I said, "That's the reason it was 'kinda interference'."
He goes, "Oh."
And what did your PU tell you later???
Perhaps this player grabbed the F4 making the turn.
Adult players are sometimes very good and honest, but more often than not, they either feel they can't make mistakes or look for someone else to blame their mistakes on. That knowledge comes from 20+ years of umpiring adults.

If you start believing the players over your partner (at any level), you might want to start checking for a different partner. At least HE will appreciate that. It is PU's judgement as to whether or not the act interfered---not yours or the players'. Based on your situation, we all know what your PU thought, correct??? Quite frankly, I would have avoided asking him "Why" as you stated you did. Your response then brought you into further possible problems, correct? You just had a controversial play that is over so let it drop.

Support your pard whenever appropriate and possible. If not, try to say nothing. When you "stumbled" into this conversation, to say "kinda interference" is wishy washy and lacks full support. Better to state, "then that's why he called it interfence!" That is a truthful statement. That doesn't state that YOU think it's interference, does it? After all, what YOU think on this judgement play means nothing until you are asked by your pard. Yet, you have stated there can be interference called for that action and implied that pard's call is correct based on his judgement.

If you see pard make a blown RULES INTERPRETATION, at end of play you should call time, approach him and tell him what YOU think the correct interpretation is. Then, let him make his decision. If you are UIC, you have final decision on all rule interpretations.

Just my opinion,

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