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Originally posted by jicecone
Can't explain why some coaches are even allowed to be there. Varsity game last night, no outs, runner on third, team ahead by 3 runs, 2-2 count and coach trys suicide squeeze. Batter bunts the ball foul.???????????

Varsity game, Home team up to bat, down by 2. 1-2 count, hitter has squared and fouled off both of the first strikes. He squares off the third time, fouls the third one off. Im BU in A. PU calls the BR out. 1B coach says to me "blue he fouled it off". I say "yep sure did, on a bunt with two strikes". He says "AND?". One of the parents at the fence says "He can't bunt with 2 strikes". Coach says "Really? Maybe I shouldn't have called a bunt then!"

My jaw drops. I see where your coming from J.

Let the catcher sneak up there. When a hitter gets a freebie when he hits the catchers mitt, or a beautiful pitch on the corner gets balled because you couldn't see the plate, he or his coach should get the hint.

Maybe this kid was used to getting sub-par officials that he could work, and he ran into one he couldn't. It seems to happen to me when I work little league/pony ball where EJs get handed out regularly. I had 2 last night as a matter of fact.
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