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I can't explain why the offensive coach to move his batter's closer to the pitcher when they can't get around on the ball already. But if a catcher wants to crowd the plate I just tell him that if he crowds the plate he is going to lose strikes for his pitcher because if I can't see the plate I'm guessing where it is. If he does not move back call everything outside a ball, even if it was over the corner of the plate and he should get the message if he has half a brain.

I also remember a game once when I was having a little problem with the catcher. After a call he obviously disagreed with (body language), I called time, walked a couple steps towards the dugout and said "coach, do you have another catcher?" He said "yes", and I said "good, because you are getting ready to need him." The catcher's attitude changed pretty suddenly and I had no more problems.

Question - are you calling a varsity zone for a 13-14 game?
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