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Sounds like the catcher was baiting you a little. I usually ignore that kind of talk: if the pitcher continues to put the ball in the same location, I will continue to call it a "ball".

The catcher's box actually is bordered by the edge of the plate. Even though I think some catchers are too "up front" in the box, I don't attempt to correct it (12 and over). Eventually, bat hits the mitt: "catcher obstruction", further umpire action if warranted (FED 1-1e).

High School: Problems with a player, such as you have noted, I discuss with the head coach. It's up to him / her if he wants the player present or not. The problem with "threatening" is that sooner or later you have to execute the action threatened, or back down. Game management can really go to s*** if you back away from threatening to toss someone. Give the coach the warning and let him deal with it (or not).

In a game several years ago, I had a young HS catcher who had let loose a long string of expletives, tell me that I could not eject him because he was the only catcher the team had! The replacement catcher didn't do that bad, actually!


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