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Originally posted by agmattbballref
Originally posted by Jurassic Referee
Originally posted by agmattbballref
Could someone chime in and set me straight as to where to find the rule support for this situation.
NFHS rule 3-5-3--"Equipment shall not be modified from the original manufactured state and shall be worn in the manner the manufacturer intended it to be worn". Iow, if it's a wristband, it better be on the wrist.
How do we judge manufacturer's intent? I mean to us old fuddies it would seem obvious, but it has become an accepted practice to wear them this way, and I am not sure if the manufacturer's intent is for them to be worn that way...After all the rule book does speak of sweatbands and not wristbands. I am just playing a litle bit of devil's advocate here, but do you not think the rules should be more specific regarding this situation.
Can't agree that it's an "accepted practice". We tell our officials to make sure that bands made to go around the wrist actually are worn around the wrist- and nowhere else. Wear 'em up on the bicep and they become an adornment. Similarly, a sweat band made to go around the forehead is not gonna be allowed to be worn around the neck. The rule is explicit enough for us the way it is written, and I had a member of the NFHS rules committee confirm to me that the purpose and intent of the rule was exactly as we had interpreted it. I think that what you need is for your local supervisor/assignor/rules interpreter/etc. to tell you what he expects- to make sure all of the officials in your area are on the same page.

Of course, if you want to ignore a plainly written rule because you don't agree with it, hey, be my guest.

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