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Originally posted by JRutledge
Originally posted by agmattbballref

The reason I am worrying about it, is because as I stated, it is the practice of the association that I belong. It is an effort of the association to be consistent. If I allow them to wear it and the next official doesn't that is not the type of consistency the association wishes to potray. I was just looking for rule support for telling them to pull them down, because as I said, I haven't found any.
You are not going to get specific rules support for something like this. You might get support if your association has a policy. I do not know how they can tell players where to wear these things. Unless the NF comes out and very specifically says these things can only be worn on the wrist, then I would leave it alone. You also cannot officiate a game with what others do. That can be a losing battle. If the officials the night before choose to not apply a rule properly, are you going to not apply that rule because they choose not to the night before? You have to do what you feel is best and what is going to be accepted or backed up by your assignor or evaluator. If you cannot get that kind of support, leave it alone. As mick said, the rule is fine with me and I do not need any more specifics to this rule, this has nothing to do with playing the game. Anytime there is an issue of a rule that does not affect the game, there better be more specifics than how you are applying this rule.

Thanks JRut...Now, that makes a lot more sense than what my association is telling me to include my assignor and rule interpeter... I appreciate you giving me the beneift of your wisdom and experience... this is the way I have felt and I hoped that others saw it the same. When someone of your prestige agrees... I think that I am doing something right....Thanks, again
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