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Originally posted by Jurassic Referee
Originally posted by agmattbballref
Could someone chime in and set me straight as to where to find the rule support for this situation.
NFHS rule 3-5-3--"Equipment shall not be modified from the original manufactured state and shall be worn in the manner the manufacturer intended it to be worn". Iow, if it's a wristband, it better be on the wrist.
How do we judge manufacturer's intent? I mean to us old fuddies it would seem obvious, but it has become an accepted practice to wear them this way, and I am not sure if the manufacturer's intent is for them to be worn that way...After all the rule book does speak of sweatbands and not wristbands. I am just playing a litle bit of devil's advocate here, but do you not think the rules should be more specific regarding this situation.
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