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I have a question concerning the wear of wristbands. It is a widely accepted practice in the association that I belong that we do not allow players to wear wristbands above the elbow. Often times the players at the start of the game will come out with wristbands worn on their upper arms or biceps, emulating the players in the NBA. As a result, each game I am telling players to pull their wristbands down during the pregame warmups. I have looked in the Federation manual and NCAA rule book and I have yet to fine rule support for this. I brought it up with my rules interpeter of my association, and I have been told that it falls into the category of jewelry. Somehow, that does not sit well with me, because if wristbands were jewlery, then they would not be allowed at all. Could someone chime in and set me straight as to where to find the rule support for this situation.
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