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Well Chuck, You are talking about rec coaches, not the most informed bunch if you ask me!. Not to say they are morons, but they do not as a general rule study the rules, nor listen very well in pre-season, or pre-game meetings!

This coach was probably just making his line-up the way he made it last year.

I never heard of "skipping over" players who aren't there, we always add them at the bottom. One thing I do ask all the coaches when hannde a line-up (continuious order), is "are all these present"? It is surprising how many will say, "this one, and this one aren't here, she is supposed to be here, I doubt this one will come though, she hasn't made a game yet!"

I think I probably would have just scratched Holly and moved on. I see no need for an ejection. Can't see where coach was trying anything, he was just addled.

just my opinion........
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