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Originally posted by Camron Rust
How about when, on the do over, the team throws the ball away because the play they just drew up was now exposed. Team makes a valid and legal throwin to midcourt. The the ball becomes dead. Throwin at midcourt. There should be no debate on that issue.

As I said before, the question question is how much time, if any, do you adjust the clock by.
And the questions to you are still the same:
(1)If you don't know how much time to adjust the clock with, what rule will allow you to adjust the clock with a guess? Iow, what rule are you using to negate the very specific language of R5-10, Camron?
(2)If you can't use R5-10, then what rule are you using to move that throw-in to center if you don't take any time off the clock?

Mark is also saying that you don't take any time off the clock; you just give a new throw-in at center with the same original 4.1 seconds on the clock. Are you coming to his defense on that, Camron, as he so stated?