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Originally posted by Dan_ref
I can't see myself telling coach B that his opponent gets a free ride to midcourt.
I got cut off the last time, so I didn't get a chance to mention I really like the seasoned salt on popcorn...

Anyway, I agree with Dan and JR - there is no way I can explain to a coach that beause of the person at the table the other team gets to take out the ball that much closer to the basket with no additional time off the clock. But since it's Monday and I'm feeling pretty wishy-washy, I'm not sure there's a specific rule allowing the do-over, either. My guess is the rules committee isn't specifically allowing one because I would think that would become one of the most over-used and abused rules in the book. From a practical standpoint, I can't see either coach getting upset with you if the play is re-started back at the endline with 4.1, and after you've had a good conversation with the timer. The only person I can see getting upset with that ruling might be MTD Sr., and the only way I would know it was him was if there was a statue and a stack of old rules books next to him in the stands...
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