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Originally posted by wadeintothem
Thats two blues in a row who would eject for that?
Nope. I didn't say that.

I am not sure I would eject her. Probably, but not definitely. I cannot think of a case where a rulebook on the field would not be a case of a coach trying to show the umpire up. I've been umpiring since 1989 and have never had a rule book brought out on me.

Innocent or not, I do know that I would not allow the discussion to happen with her having a rule book. If I thought it was just a mistake, I would immediately warn her and send her back to the dugout to put the book up. If she wants to discuss it without the rule book, I'm good with that.

BTW... I seem to remember this rule being discussed previously on this board and I believe the wording is planning to be changed.

Also, BTW... Do you really think she had never been on a ball field in her life and didn't understand this misprint? Or do you suspect that she might have been trying to pick boogers?
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