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Originally posted by Mark T. DeNucci, Sr.

The previous thread was closed before I could respond to your analysis of the over and under, but I am with you on the over. I too, will bet $5 on the over.

Be that as it may, I stand by my post in the closed thread.

MTD, Sr.
Mark, my friends call me Dan. You can call me Sir.

I mostly agree with you - if A2 catches the ball before the horn (incorrectly) sounds then take off *some* time off & go to the new spot. I can't imagine any referee working any game of consequence that would not have a sense of how much time would have correctly elapsed. However, if the horn clearly sounds while the ball is in the air blow the whole thing dead & do it over. In either case have a good heart to heart with the timer.

As for your bet - I'll take your bet on the closed thread, I'm going with the under. You can paypal me the $5.