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Originally posted by VaCoach
I can not find this play in the case book or in the rule book...If you know where it may be found I would appreciate you sharing it with me.

Runner on second, no outs, batter bunts back to the pitcher. The pitcher looks the runner back and throws to first for the force out.. The runner breaks towards third on the throw and the batter-runner slides into first on the inside of the bag in the attempt to keep the first baseman from having a clear throw to third base.

My question is this: Is this action by the batter-runner a violation of the "sliding rule" on a force play? I know the runner must slide into the base or away from any fielder on a "force" play which may be a potential double play, does this same rule apply on a play at first with a potential double play being the second throw to third base.

What if, the throw to first was up the line, the batter slides to avoid the tag, and takes the first basemen out, but is declared out himself. Could a coach not argue that he kept the first basemen from making a double play at third base?
1. The play at first is NOT a force play. Therefore the FPSR is NOT in effect.

2. Anytime a runner intentionally interfers with a throw or a thrown ball, or hinders a fielder making a play, two can be called out.
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