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Originally posted by Dan_ref
Originally posted by Jurassic Referee
You can correct the timer's error in this case because you had exact knowledge of the time involved. Put 4.1 seconds back on the clock and give the ball to the non-FT shooting team on the endline for another end-line throw-in. You can't give the ball to the non-throwing team at half-court because you don't have definite knowledge of how much time elapsed on the first throw-in.

NFHS rule 5-10-1.
If the buzzer sounded while the ball was in the air then yes.

What if A2 caught the ball at mid-court before the buzzer sounded? You going back to the endline with no time run off?
Aw, geeze, you just started up the same ol' dumb argument again.

How can you possibly leave the ball at center? You'd then have to take some time off the clock to allow for the catch at center on the throw-in, wouldn't you? Now, how can you take any time off the clock when you don't have a clue as to how much time elapsed exactly on that throw-in catch. R5-10 won't let you put time back on the clock unless you have exact knowledge of how much time to put up. Well, in the case of a catch at center, you don't have exact knowledge. You'd have to guess at the elapsed time, and the rules won't let you guess.

The only spot in this play sequence where you do have exact knowledge of the time remaining is at the point where the throw-in occurred on the end line. If you're gonna correct anything, you gotta do it there.