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It seems like you did just fine, if the runner on 2nd had been too far off the base I think you would have noticed when the defense was scrambling to get on the field that she would have been trying to get back to the bag. Of course if she and the runner on 3rd would have been a bit smarter, they would have acted dejected while walking to the next base. The runner on third would have scored and the runner on 2nd would have made it to third, if not being able to walk all the way home. I guess they either didn't have a third base coach, the third base coach didn't know what was happening, or the third base coach didn't want to say anything to tip off the defense. At the least the runner on third should have scored, but not our problem as umpires. The other thing is was the coach also coaching first base or come out of the dugout to tell the player to go to first? And speaking of the third base coach, since this was a live ball I hope s/he didn't contact the runners either.
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