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Originally posted by Little Jimmy
Don't really know what happened to the girl on 2nd. All I know is by the time batter runner got to 1st and defense scrambled back on the field and pitcher picked up the ball, runners were standing on bags and I called time to explain what happened to defensive coach.

After game was over field ump and myself both said we weren't sure where R2 may have wandered off to. We were speculating what would have happened if either runner would have left the field before batter runner.

OK, sounds to me like both you and your partner completely lost track of runner on 2nd. Which tells me that you weren't certain if she ever came off the bag. With this scenario, sounds like you and your partner made the right call (remember, can't guess an out). And since the runner was already standing on the bag when the pitcher "picked up" the ball, don't see nothing wrong.

Only suggestion I have, "lesson learned."

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