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First of all the teams in question weren't the highest caliber.

Don't really know what happened to the girl on 2nd. Defense is going nuts and heading for the bench. I'm watching batter runner thinking that she's going to walk off the field and be out. I see R1 standing on 3rd the whole time. Field ump is glancing at me to see if we're on the same page and readying himself for a possible call at 1st. Why more people didn't continue running I can't say. As I said, low level teams that weren't real sure of what was going on.

All I know is by the time batter runner got to 1st and defense scrambled back on the field and pitcher picked up the ball, runners were standing on bags and I called time to explain what happened to defensive coach.

After game was over field ump and myself both said we weren't sure where R2 may have wandered off to. We were speculating what would have happened if either runner would have left the field before batter runner.

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