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The same,

I posted to another website that in the first inning or my first game F1 went to pure "Gorilla Stance" . . . as the BU I called time and told the defensive coach that his preset was illegal. Coaches comment, "I did not know that?"

No balk and the pitcher stopped.

Two innings later he was back to "Gorillaing".

Balk . . .

Now fast forward to this past Friday. F1 goes out and goes "Gorilla" I am on the dish. I tell F2 "tell him he has to have his free hand at his hip or behind him."

F2 goes to mound where everything gets sideways as he (F2) doesn't understand my direction. So he turns to the base umpire for help.

Base umpires says, "I have NO IDEA what a "'gorilla arm' is."

So preventative officiating does not work . . . as I head out into the infield I am met by the PITCHING COACH who is an ASSISTANT COACH yelling at me, "what are you telling my pitcher!"

Things go south from here.

I work FED by choice.

I will balk the "Gorilla Arm" from now until they change the rule.

I am done trying "to work things out."

"Gorilla Arm" is a POE and that means my client WANTS it called. If a high shool selects to play under NFHS rules then I should call them all.


scyguy: In FED it is a Point of Emphasis that the pitcher's hand be held at his hip or behind his back.

The hanging arm . . . pitcher a RH F1 in contact with the pitcher's plate, bent slightly forward with his throwing hand dangling straight down from the shoulder . . . that is a "gorilla Arm" . . . FED adamantly wants this practice stopped -- therefore it is considered a balk.

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