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Originally posted by Rachel
The college world series a couple of years ago had a batter called out for hitting the ball with one foot out completely of the batters box. I believe Cat O. was pitching. They decided this was the incorrect call after the game. The umpire should have waited til' she was in the box before allowing the pitch. He had told her to get back in and she did not listen.

I don't remember this exact instance but I do know that all ASA national schools in addition to the Advanced School and ISF, we have consistently been told NOT TO ALLOW a batter to start out in an illegal position.

IOW preventative umpiring can control this situation to a point.
Don't let them start out illegal, hold up the pitcher until the batter is legally within the box.
If they ask where the lines are, just tell them to keep moving until you say they are ok.

Persoanlly I have found this to be more of a problem with slow pitch "bubbas" than in fast pitch but it does happen there too
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