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Originally posted by JCrow
Lately, I've seen more coaches teaching defenders to direct an offenise player driving from the corner to the end line. Like it's done in the NBA.

I could never figure the logic in this? I was taught that giving up the end line was bad. A dribbler was to be directed into the middle of the lane.

Has coaching logic changed on this over the years? Personally, even in the NBA, I find this to put the defense at a disadvantage as the defender can only get help from the center?
I think the tactic also includes help side defender coming to shut off penetration and beaten defender to join in a trap. The directing of ballhandler to one side means you can concentrate defenders on half the court as opposed of down the middle where the offense has access to the entire court.

Interesting corollary. Saw a college coach teaching his offensive player, who was picked up by help side defender at baseline, to jump out of bounds to get an angle for pass to player on opposite side baseline. I think there was a recent thread about intentionally leaving the court that suggested this tactic should incur a "T" based on recent POE.

Lah me..
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