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Both sides

Originally posted by debeau

Whats an appeal ? ( A seperate thread of discussion )
A play which an umpire cannot rule on until requested to do so by a manager player coach .
In my view it doesnt have to be verbal , a look or holding the ball up is enough but it has to be indicated .

Simply throwing the ball back is not enough .

Yes it is an appeal play ( for some reason a lot of umpires called it out automatically over here until I chalenged their reasoning. Their answer was the act of throwing it back was enough )
You seem to be arguing both sides of this discussion???

Throwing the ball back to 1st is absolutely enough and an umpire should correctly call the out. This is particularly obvious if the runner is attempting to return. (This sounds a lot like everybody knows what is happening except the official.)

Why would the defense throw the ball to 1st if not to appeal the runner leaving too soon?

Now, perhaps if the runner is not returning to 1st, a verbal request by the defense is appropriate. But it should still be obvious to the umpire what is happening... and if they successfully get the ball to 1st and then look to me as if expecting a call, I'm going to make the call even if they don't make a verbal request. There is no other reason for F3 to stand on 1st, catch the ball while tagging the base and then looking to me for an official response...
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