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Originally posted by debeau

Interesting response.
And similar veins to here in NZ
Whats an appeal ? ( A seperate thread of discussion )
A play which an umpire cannot rule on until requested to do so by a manager player coach .
In my view it doesnt have to be verbal , a look or holding the ball up is enough but it has to be indicated .
Simply throwing the ball back is not enough .
This is actually what I am getting at .
Yes it is an appeal play ( for some reason a lot of umpires called it out automatically over here until I chalenged their reasoning. Their answer was the act of throwing it back was enough )Lets be honest , most players wouldnt have had a clue that this was a appeal play .(Obviously neither do some umpires in NZ )
In this forum you did.
Antonella-- Too true and I did think about putting first touched but thought it may confuse and it is not important here .
A look or holding the ball is not an appeal without some indication (as you noted) of why the defender is taking that action.

As far as a throw back to a base left too soon, that is a valid appeal. If you want verbal, trust me, someone on that field has already screamed, "throw it to first, he left too soon!" If an umpire cannot figure out that this is an appeal, they may be on the wrong field.

The bat issue in softball is as much about liability, insurance and litigation as it is about competition, inflated egos and softball.
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