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Originally posted by ChuckElias
Mark, I didn't get an email from you, so I'll just post my question here. As a long-time IAABO guy, I need your expertise/insight.

We have a board member was accepted to a couple D1 NCAA conferences this season. She decided to take a year off from HS ball to focus on her college schedule, and so she went to inactive status this year.

Since she was inactive, she didn't attend any meetings of the board. But now our board secretary has told her that she could not be inactive while working for the NCAA, and is requiring her to pay fines for missing meetings, etc.

My question is whether IAABO's constitution says anything about this situation. Do you have to be completely inactive in order to qualify for inactive status for IAABO's purposes? That just doesn't seem right to me.

I mean, what if you're taking a couple years off to watch your kid play but want to help out with a kids' league that doesn't require an IAABO patch?

Any help on this? Thanks.
Chuck -- I'm totally uninformed about IAABO, but the other question in this sitch seems to be why she wasn't informed before the season started about what "inactive" status meant. I mean, I don't see how your secretary can tell the ref at the end of the season that she'll be fined for something she didn't know she was responsible for.
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