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Originally posted by Almost Always Right
If the NFHS says something should be penalized because whatever situation happened, why do we choose to enforce our own set of rules? i.e. flops, Rule 10.5, etc.
I am as guilty of this as anyone and our H.S. association is really bad at enforcing certain rules and not enforcing others.
Is it because our interpretations are so different from official to official?
Is it because we want everything to go "smoothly", with no waves in the water?
Is it more about game management styles?
Why do we choose to make some rules more important than others?
Just curious
While knowledge of the rules is important what separates the average official from the great official is judgement and a feel for how this particular game should be called and is consistent from start to finish. The great official understands the notion of "the spirit of the rule" and the concept of advantage Vs. disadvantage. The great official has superior people skills and excellent mechanics. If you watch experienced vs. new officials you will see differences in game management. I believe that is what you're observing.
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