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The Flop

Allow me to be specific here. In my district's rules and mechanics meeting before the year started, the chief rules interpreter and evaluator specifically stated that it is not our job to enforce the rules that we deem necessary to be enforced. The book is there for a reason, make the call. This was specifically being addressed in regards to the Flop POE. Now, that being said, I had about 5 or 6 instances where I could have whacked a kid for a flop, but passed on it. Further, I didn't see it called once all year, nor hear of anyone calling it.

Two questions for the crowd here then. 1) Did anyone call the Flop T this year/hear of anyone calling the Flop T, and what were the consequences (i.e. coach's/crowd's reaction, etc.). 2) If you are given the same instruction by the district interpreter, what is your reaction once you get on the court?
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