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Originally posted by bob jenkins
Originally posted by dhodges007
I was doing a HS game today and team A who were down by 8 points were under their basket and A1's glasses fell off. I immediately hit the whistle to stop play. The ball was in the air...AP arrow, B Ball. My partner came up to me at half time and told me to hold on my whistle until they score or the other team gets the ball. He thinks they would have had an easy lay-up. My thought was we are in the post, four players right there...I didn't want the glasses to get stepped on. Yes, they were right by the players!



Regarding "lost" items: Last weekend I had a player lose a tooth. We never did find it.
Holy cow! Do you mean "lost a tooth" as in collision,
hands-to-the-mouth, pain, screaming, blood on the floor
lost a tooth???? Maybe you couldn't find it because
it was embedded in someone's elbow or skull.
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