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Originally posted by tjones1
Originally posted by JRutledge
I hope next year they make this a violation just like the NCAA. Then it could be called much more. A Technical is much too harsh for this. No different than the elbow throwing T that was changed to a simple violation.

Agree. Wondering though, how do you penalize the defense if they commit this infraction?
Good question.

I think that 99% of the time, this is done by the get away from the defense.

It would be a rare occassion that a defender would get an advantage by running OOB unless he's following an opponent around who also ran OOB...but the call should go against the first violator.

If the defender's path is cut off late enough to leave OOB as the better route and he chooses not to run into the illegal screen (no time/distance), the offense has gained the advantage by forcing him to go OOB rather than direct so a no call would be acceptable. If the defender's path is cut off in time with a good screen, then the offense has achieve the desired result by pulling the defender off the cutter.
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