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[QUOTE]Originally posted by Rich Fronheiser
[QUOTE]Originally posted by JRutledge
Originally posted by Rich Fronheiser

Best? Way too subjective, IMO.

States should have a pool of people who they would feel confident in sending to the state tournament and spread the wealth.

Who said you would put officials with no experience in games of that magnitude? You'd still have to "work your way up the ladder" before going to state. You'd still have to work regionals, sectionals, substates, and all those preliminary rounds that states have.

I think I counted 622 officials in my state that were "playoff eligible." 48 officials here work the state tournament every season. No reason that you couldn't pick out a different batch of 48 every season.

But the problem is this -- it takes manpower and effort to identify those people who would do well in the state tournament and it's much easier to just send somebody again, and again, and again. And people like the OP may be good enough to work, but don't.

I'm not complaining personally -- I've never lived in a state long enough to work my way into such a position and I'm thrilled with my playoff schedule.

I'm with you Rich! We all do have to "work our way up"...but for some of us, it's a case of up and down....up and down. Over the 30+ years of working here in Wisconsin, many of my generation have been lucky to get to the "dance" once....some have been there twice. It's somewhat an "unwritten" rule that two years in a row at sit the next year and are eligible again the following, provided you continue to meet the tournament selection criteria. Point being, we can go through all the hoops... yet still never get that chance of working a state tourney due to "strictly numbers". You know the routine. Must have a minimum of 16 varsity assignments, score 90+ on NFHS Test 1 & 2, have the appropriate level classification (L5/Master), 5 or 6 point average in Coach's evaluation. Once you meet these, then you progress through the Regionals...Sectionals....and "hopefully" a State invitation. However, many of us reach the Sectional finals...year after year....don't get a state bid and, like the 'ol Cub fan that I am....I wait till next year! (Truth be told...we don't get any younger and the reality is that at some point it's time to move over and applaud our younger colleagues supporting their dreams of getting the "big gig"). Hey....with all the rumblings about 3-whistle coming to Wisconsin....I might be able to still have a chance among you "kids"...I still believe EXPERIENCE comes in handy in the crunch!

Long disertation....but I am thrilled, like you Rich, at the assignments I continue to receive. For me, it's an afformation and recognition of the hardwork my partners and I continue to do.

Congratulations Rich...and all of the other hardworking officials who have "earned" their way into the playoff season!


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