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Re: Flopping

Originally posted by JRutledge
But even if a player flops (and they usually almost every time) under the basket just like they do up top, I am going to not call a foul just the same.
I did a game this week with a very consistent flopp-er and a whining coach to back him up. Well, finally, the opponent thought he had it all figured out and gave him a good charge. I called that one. It was easy: The look of surprise on the ex-flopp-er's face told the whole story! And he didn't flop the rest of the game, although he did take one more really aggressive charge. Who learned what lesson in this game? I'm still not sure....

As far as the too-far-under the basket, I watch closely for travelling -- it's almost a certainty, unless there's a quick pass out to the corner. Of course, I'm talking lower levels here. I haven't done enough varsity yet to make any generalizations.
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