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Originally posted by Gary Brendemuehl
Why should location on the court affect the call. If it's a PC 15' from the basket shouldn't it be a PC under/behind the basket?
I'm with you Gary. My experience is that partners who bail out on this call are the same ones who won't call a foul in the last two minutes unless reconstructive surgery is involved.

I disagree with both philosophies and have stated so many times.

A foul is a foul is a foul - at any time in the game and any place on the court. The same goes for a non-call.

The only exception I have ever used is when I feel the fouler may gain an advantage by committing the foul (like on a breakaway, as we have discussed before). Of course, sometimes this qualifies as an intentional foul, and I will call it because the penalty nullifies the advantage gained.
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