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Originally posted by djskinn
Last boys JV of the year. Down to the last possession. Team A has the ball with 7 seconds, down by 1. Team A turns ball over, I was the lead now new trail. Team B drives for a lay-up and misses. I am now at midcourt becoming new lead. As I turn I see Coach A indicating timeout, as I look at the clock, time has expired.

I was the R and he is starring at me with his hands above his head signaling a time out. My partner meets me at halfcout and he is still starring at me at which time I tell him, game over.

Unfortunately, our jackets were still at the table and I needed to retrieve them. As I make may over, Coach A makes a point of walking over to the scorebook and drawing a big black circle around my name.

Curious how any of you would handle this situation.

I would have made sure my name was spelled right. Wouldn't want my partner to get mixed up in his personal rivalry.

I have to get better at not leaving my jacket at the table. I haven't had a problem yet but I'm sure there is one waiting out there somewhere. We usually have been standing there at midcourt while the players shake hands, then as they are leaving we go to the table to retrieve our gear.
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