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Received this by email from our association. It was written by Ken Estabrooks, an official from Sudbury, ON I believe.

This poem is dedicated to my colleagues and dedicated officials of the Boards of Northern Ontario

The Limits of Travel
“A Step in the Right Direction ”

Traveling is governed by a definition and a whole lot more
There are options of movement outlined in Rule Four
The travel call can be much easier when simply put
Make not the call if you know not the pivot foot
The foot movements may look different and difficult to see
Watch each player in the warm up and easier it might be
When the player receives the ball while on solid ground
There are moves that can be made that are fundamentally sound
There will be a choice of pivot foot be the left or the right
This will always be true throughout the game night
The pivot foot may be lifted to pass or to attempt to score
But the ball must be released before it again touches the floor
If you lift the pivot foot before the dribble does begin
That violation will be called as a traveling which is a sin
A player who is moving or dribbling may come to a legal stop
By establishing the pivot foot with a step or a hop
If he is aloft then on both feet have simultaneously alit
Then either foot may be used to skilfully pivot
If he lands on one foot followed by the other to touch
The former is the pivot foot while the latter cannot do much
If he lands on one foot then hops onto two
He now has no pivot foot options so he might be in a stew
If while holding the ball he falls to the floor or to one knee
Guilty of traveling he will most certainly be
If he loses his balance and he cannot stand
It is legal to brace himself by touching the floor with either hand
If one does receive the ball while lying flat on the floor
Many of the movement options have gone out the door
If you are flat on your back you may sit up to have a look
But if you stand up your own goose you will cook
You may dribble the ball from your position on the floor
Then while dribbling you may get up to pass or try to score
To lift the pivot foot may be a violation or a sin
If it is lifted before the dribble does begin
Further clarification of this rule might be in demand
The pivot foot may not be lifted until the ball leaves the hand
So call that travel and enhance your good name
But remember that this call must never be a guessing game
Interpreting the rules of the game can cause one to be most humble
I am not certain if you can dribble/fumble/dribble or fumble/dribble/fumble
Let not this rule cause you pain or havoc around the house
And never check for the pivot foot while dancing with your spouse

Ken R Estabrooks
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