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Come on Call the Illegal Screen

Had this one last night--
White has ball W1 is dribbling around by 3-pt line at FT line extended; W50 is at elbow calling for ball and sliding down FT lane [outside lane so not in 3-sec area]and then back up again towards FT line; Blue defender on W50 is playing behind W50 and just plain can't get around her to deny the entry pass--
Blue Coach keeps yelling to call that moving screen "she can't move like that and 'hold' the defender off" I keep watching and see no movement on W50's part to "hold" defender, defender is just plain not working hard enough and is too slow to get around and get a hand in passing lane to deny the entry pass--
I had a good play on part of W50 and poor defense on W50's defender, W50 was using her body to "block/screen" defender from getting hand in passing lane to deny pass. We were not going to "reward" Blue 'cause they can't move quick enough, but will allow W50 to continue to "call for the ball--

Moral of story -- Coach
1]read rule about screening;
2]teach W50's defender how to get good position to deny entry pass;
3]teach help defense to other players to make sure Blue can deny entry pass
4]teach your post play the same technique to use at the other end of the floor when you're on offense.
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