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Re: Illegal Screens? When is it illegal?

Originally posted by Starman311
Sorry for bumping this again, but it appeared no one was really addressing my questions in the previous reply. I'm wondering if a screen/roll is illegal when:

(1) screener is moving but in the same direction as the offensive player he's attempting to screen (no or minimal contact is made)

(2) screener rolls into the path of the offensive player he's attempting to screen "just" before contact is made thereby activating what might be termed a "back screen"

(3) A1 dribbles to a spot (e.g., elbow), picks up the ball, performs a legal pivot, and creates a "back screen" for A2 rubbing past his screen. B2 significantly contacts A1 by running into his back causing A1 to move his pivot foot.

Thanks for your help on these.

If you subscribe to the paid side of this site, go back through last summer's articles and find the ones I (juulie downs) wrote on legal and illegal screens.

Otherwise, look in the rulebook under Screens in Rule 4, and under contact in rule 10-6. This will help you ask more specific questions that will be easier to answer.

in answer to your specifics above, 1) legal as long as no or little contact. 2) probably not legal, but it's going to depend on the speed both players are moving. Off ball, the screener must allow time for the screenee to stop or go around, but no more than two steps at the speed they are moving. (3) Again, it depends on the amount of time between the "backscreen" and the bump. If the screener (dribbler in this case) left enough time, then the screen is legal. If the movement of the foot was enough that you really ought to call it, then it should probably be a foul on the screenee who should have had time to stop. However, if the dribbler/screener didn't leave enough time, then it's an illegal screen, and a PC foul.
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