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I am going to defend Panda on this one. I had the same problem and Scott and I discussed this a couple days ago.

The FED test has the following questions next to each other.

#66. The DP and the FLEX are locked into the same position in the batting order.
#67. The FLEX is placed in the tenth position in the lineup.

When you take the test you see both questions and it is obvious that one is about batting order and the other is about lineup position. Scott, however, scrambled the questions and #66 (his #48) is viewed independent of #67 (his #22). To compond the problem, the word locked was replaced with located.

So question #48 The DP and the FLEX are located into the same position in the batting order when taken out of the context of the other DP/FLEX question appears to be false.

Whether it is NFHS or ASA or whatever, TESTS are not rules. And apparently not written by rules makers. In fact it appears that test writers do not even had a good rules knowledge base.

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