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Donpt over read

Originally posted by Panda Bear
Great resource, thanks for putting it up! However,,,

Question 48, "The DP and the FLEX are located into the same position in the batting order." is answering True, but is False.

This changed, this year I believe.

3-3-6b: "The name of the player for whom the DP is batting (FLEX) will be placed in the 10th position in the lineup."

3-3-6g: "Placing the FLEX into one of the first nine positions for someone other than the DP's position is considered an illegal substitution."

Was the T on the test intended for a question about where the FLEX can be inserted if the DP is removed, and the FLEX is going to now bat?
In the batting order, they are in the same place. In the lineup, they are liste in different places.

Seems like you are doing what I did when I first read it.
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