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Scott: ”This one was taken verbatim from the Federation Part I.”

Sorry Scott, I am not going to let you off the hook. Copying bad questions/wrong answers does not make it right. It is still wrong and we need to note it so that readers do not take the answer into a ballgame as support for a call.

Glenn: ”That is the way NFHS worded it. However, only the player has left the game, not the DP position”

That is the way the NFHS test worded it. The book is very clear (3-3-6 d, e, f) that when the DP plays for the FLEX, or the FLEX plays for the DP – that the DP and the FLEX positions have left the game.

The word “terminated” is not in the rulebook. Apparently the Test Writer is thinking that the role (position) of the DP is not totally dead; we could always bring it back to life in the future. However, a question has to stand on its own without any maybes, ands, ifs or could. As written, it is TRUE.

Dakota: ”Tomayto, tomahto on this one, WMB. The rules are identical.

No way Tom, you have to get up earlier in the morning to beat me on this one. The rules are NOT identical.

7-2-2 Effect specifically states that the improper batter is not called out. “Any other outs on the play stand.: Mike’s beloved 3 outs on a BOO will not happen in NFHS games.

The Test said “all outs made on the play stand. The Test is WRONG!

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