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Originally posted by BktBallRef
Mark, you agree with what I say but you'd call a foul? That makes no sense. Read the post. "...The back of A1's head directly hits B1 square in the face..." B is not displaced. He chooses to fall down when there's contact to his faced. That's a foul? Not if it's my call.

Mark, if you call everything in a game that you advocate calling here on this board, then your games must have a hundred fouls and last for three hours, with only 3 players from each team on the floor at game's end.

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Certainly its a foul. The contact was not incidental. A1 was moving to avoid B2 and made contact with B1 who had a legal guarding position against A1. It is an obvious case of A1 invading B1's cylinder of verticality ;-).

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